In 2017 Kitchener Taverners FC were on the verge of folding.


But Lee (a previous player, and the son of one of the original squad) was determined to bring Kitch FC back to life. He took on the role of manager and called in some of the lads that previously played with him, as well as some fresh faces.


We now have two sets of brothers playing for the team as well as some cousins. It's very tight-knit. Luckily for us, our friends all play to a high standard of football! Most currently play, have or can play semi-professional football.


Several of the older fans are ex-Kitch players, including the manager's dad, who features in our videos (Vin).


We ended up winning our local treble in our debut season—including the Suffolk County Cup, and since then have risen to the top of our league.